Saturday, January 20, 2007

Maybe Tomorrow I'll Wanna Settle Down...

There's simply nothing better than a person going after what they want, making something happen for themselves, regardless of what it is. So many people talk and that's all they seem to do. I don't mind admitting I'm the worst in the world for saying I'm going to do something (join a band, exercise, make another short film, edit my previous one...) and then not doing it. I'm not the worst but I'm far from the best. The person that prompted this post is similar to me in this way. Her reasons for procrastinating are different and often more genuine but we do have this in common. Anyway she's done it. She's gone. Left the humdrum and gone off to do something amazing. And I'm so happy for her, worried for her (well they are all foreigners after all) and excited for her.

Making something happen for yourself is one of the great things you can do. That may sound obvious or trite but so many people, myself included, often neglect this idea so it's worth pointing out. Going through shit, working, saving, whatever it takes, and ending up where they want to be. What's so great in this case though, is that it's so very far from the end. It's a brand new beginning. Will she "find herself?" I'm not really sure that's why she has left. Certainly self exploration is part of it but I do believe anyone travelling attempting to solely "find themselves" is somewhat doomed. I admit that's the voice of ignorance on the matter, I have never travelled significantly. And of course until truly tested, you don't know what you are made of. Tests take all kinds of forms though. And they occur in the Far East, Western Australia, Delhi, Prague and New Cross. The reasons for travelling are varied. But in this case they're the right ones as far as I can tell.

It's such a great time and though the selfish part of me misses my friend, it never fails to make me smile to think of her meeting whomever she's meeting, doing whatever she's doing, and most importantly as far as I'm concerned, knowing she has created something for herself that she has always wanted. Given herself this opportunity to do something great and maybe life changing but most of all fun. When you put the work in and reap the reward who can argue with that?

I'm so very proud of my friend today.


Blogger little chief said...

What are you doing to me? That was such a lovely post, but now I'm crying and people are looking at me!

3:07 pm  

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